Strumica Carnival

GPS: 41.438020, 22.639671

The Strumica Carnival has a centuries-long tradition and is held every year during the Christian holiday Trimeri, during the Easter fasting, in city of Strumica, in the south-east of Macedonia. Read more

Days of rice, Kochani

GPS: 41.916425, 22.409461

Important cultural event for the city of Kochani, are the "Days of rice", dedicated to Kocani’s "white gold", filled with an array of festivities and celebrations in the early harvest of rice in Kocani region. Read more

Pijanechko-Maleshevska Wedding

GPS: 41.966913, 22.773596

At the end of September, in the town of Delcevo, the traditional Pijanechko - Maleshevska wedding is held. Organizing the traditional wedding aims to revive and preserve wedding tradition as practiced in ancient times. Read more

"Ajverijada" – Strumica

The event called " Ajverijada " held in Strumica where the purpose of this event is to promote Ajvar that Strumica housewives prepare on traditional ways with red pepper (piper). Read more

Festival of chamber theater "Risto Shishkov" – Strumica

Festival of chamber theater "Risto Shishkov" takes place in Strumica in 1992 in honor of the great Macedonian actor Risto Shishkov in Strumica. Read more

Art Colony - Strumica

International Strumica Art Colony is organized in 1964 on the initiative of Koco Urdin, and since 1969 has grown into an international event. It takes place every year from 1 to 20 August. Read more

"Smokvijada" – Gevgelija

Smokvijada is a traditional festival event held in Gevgelija since 2007. This event in honor of the fig tree is held on the handball court at the City Stadium, starting off with the digestion of sweet figs. Read more

Art Colony "St. Joachim Osogovski" - Kriva Palanka

International Art Colony "St. Joachim Osogovski "takes place in Kriva Palanka from 1987 by the decision of the Metropolitan Poloshki Kumanovo Mr. Cyril. Read more

Folklore Festival "St. Joachim Osogovski" - Kriva Palanka

International Folklore Festival "St.. Joachim Osogovski "held in Kriva Palanka, which includes ensembles from seven countries. Read more

"Pivtijada" - Kumanovo

On the occasion of the great Christian holiday of Epiphany - Epiphany, held in the Kumanovo event "Pivtijada" on the eve of the feast is elected godfather of the event and there are boiled aspic. Read more

International Theatre Festival "St.. Joachim Osogovski" - Kriva Palanka

For lovers of theater and acting since 2009 takes place International Theatre Festival - St. Joachim Osogovski, into NICC center for culture Kriva Palanka. Read more

Ensemble for traditional music and dances "Bojmija" - Gevgelija

Genuine approach to the presentation of the national folklore ensemble's traditional music and dances "Bojmija" Gevgelija. Founded in 2004 by a group of young enthusiasts and lovers of folklore. Read more

"AsterFest" - Strumica

AsterFest's International Film Festival which began to held since 2005 in Strumica. The festival has a competitive nature.
Read more

"Karamanov Poetic Meetings" – Radovish

Aco Karamanov was a talented writer and freedom fighter born in Macedonia Radovish . His early life fades at only 17 years old, but his message written in human poems remain to testify to the creative talent, ... Read more

Manifestation "Dojransko handshakes" - Dojran


Cultural event "Dojransko handshakes" began in 1976. The first years spent in the spirit of poetry written word, where eminent writers of our country represented in their literature. Read more

Folk Fest Valandovo


Valandovo is known for Folk Fest music festival. The festival takes place 23, 24, 25 May each year.
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“HID-BAH Sent Fest” village Chalakli, Valandovo


Spring Festival celebrations "Hid - Booz Allen Hamilton St Fest," a festival that has existed since 1992 and continuously held every year in the village Chalakli, Valandovo in early May. Read more

BOSH Festival - Gevgelija

Multimedia Art Festival Bosch is a multimedia platform through which celebrates creative expression in the urban context . Or Bosch 's attempt extended articulation and design of so-called added value of urban culture. Read more

Children's Music Festival " Kalinka " - Gevgelija

Traditionally children's music festival was recognized brand of Gevgelija municipality that persisted 16 years after a break of three years , in 2012 the National Theatre in Gevgelija again opens its doors to children's songs. Read more

"Museum Night" - Vinica

Museum of Vinica first promoted the concept of this event in 2099, following the example of many museums worldwide. Read more

Amateur Drama Festival ( ADF ) - Kocani

Amateur Drama Festival ( ADF ) is an annual theater festival that featured the best amateur theaters and theater groups from Macedonia, and host of the festival is the town of Kocani. Read more

Lesnovo Art Colony - Probishtip

In July in the small town Probishtip takes place an international art colony " Lesnovo Colony " in far Lesnovski famous monastery " St. Lesnovski "where artists live and work in Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia. Read more

Festival of amateur singers "Profest" - Probishtip

On October 22, the eve on the holiday, October 23, Day of Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle, the oldest festival that takes place in RM is the festival of amateur singers "Profest". Read more

"Grandma pie" - Probishtip

On 21 March, the municipality of Probishtip organizes traditional manifestation "grandma pie" which is a tribute to the beautiful traditional Macedonian food - pie. Read more

"International Festival of aphorism and caricature" - Strumica

International Festival of aphorism and caricature is held for 15 years, at the Cultural Center "Anton Panov" in Strumica. Read more

"Days of Comedy" - Kumanovo

The festival "Days of Comedy" has promotional character and is held every year in the first half of the month of February in Kumanovo. Read more

International Art Colony " Dojrana " - Gevgelija


Artists from the country and abroad participate in creating art within international art colony "Dojrana". So far this colony has more than 120 participants Macedonia and abroad: Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia. Read more

"Makfest" - Stip

Festival of fun melodies in Macedonia "Makfest" is held since 1989 and is the largest festival of Macedonian popular music. The festival is held every year in Stip. Read more

"Astibo Jazz Festival" - Stip

"Astibo Jazz Festival" is a festival whose primary purpose is to promote today's scene, which takes place in the town of Stip. The event consists of a colorful program that ranges from mainstream, ... Read more

Cultural-Artistic Association "Vera Jocik" - Makedonska Kamenica


Cultural and artistic association "Vera Jocik" is a Society of lovers of folk songs and dances from the Macedonian region of Kamenica. Read more

International Art Colony "Karpino" - Kumanovo

Traditional art colony "Karpino" takes place in the ambiance of the monastery Dormition of the Virgin Mary near the village Orah.
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