Bulgaria, Kyustendil district

Pei Sartse National Festival of the Old Town Song

The “Sing Heart” (Pey Sartse) Festival of Old Town Songs was set up in 2007. It is held annually at the end of August and the beginning of September under the patronage of the Mayor of Kyustendil.
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Festival of Fertility

The Festival of Fertility marks the successful beginning of autumn. It is held in the course of two autumn days in which the abundance and fertility of Kyustendil’s regional fruit is presented. Read more

“Kyustendil Spring” Traditional Holiday

The Kyustendil Spring festivity is the symbol of the city. Young girls compete to be chosen as the most beautiful maiden in town.
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"Gornopolska pesen" folklore ensemble, village of Ovchartsi

The ensemble was set up in 1962 and over the years it has participated in the cultural life of the village, of the region and of other nations. It engages in two-part singing when performing the local folk songs.
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Female folklore group, village of Saparevo

The group is part of the Narodni Buditeli – 1926 Community Centre. The group was established in the 1960s. Over a period of 50 years it has had over 100 female singers aged 35 to 75.
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Female folklore group, village of Resilovo


The Female Folklore group at the Nov Zhivot – 1928 (New Life – 1928) Community Centre consists of people who love and preserve the folklore wealth of their region.
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Kyustendil Guitar Orchestra

Created in 1997 in Kyustendil by students aged 10-17 from the guitar class instructed by Ivan Andonov from the children’s music school at Bratstvo Community Centre.
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Pey Sartse Music Company

The Pay Sartse Music Company was created in 2005 on the initiative of the family of Vanya and Kiril Poromanski at Bratstvo 1869 Community Centre. Ani Stoyneva is the Music Director of the group. View more

“Ot izvora” (“From the Source”) Female club, Sapareva Banya

The Club is located in the building of the Hristo Botev Primary School. It has some 70 members. The youngest one is 20 years old and the most senior one is 70.
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Panagia Feast – The Raising of the Bread

The festivity takes place between 13 and 15 August. A church celebration is organized on August 15, the day of the Assumption of the Most Holy Virgin Mary and Kyustendil marks “Panagia” – The Raising of the Bread. Read more

Cherry Festival (17-18 June), Kyustendil

Two consecutive days of the month of June are devoted to the celebration of cherries, which is associated with the reputation of Kyustendil as the Fruit Garden of Bulgaria.