Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad district

Chestnut Festival, village of Kolarovo near Petrich

The chestnut forests in the Belasitsa Mountain are the largest in Bulgaria and on the Balkans. They are very precious and deserve to be preserved and protected. The village of Kolarovo in the District of Blagoevgrad is located in a semimountainous region. Read more

In recent years a Chestnut Festival has been organized in the village in September. It involves setting up of pavilions exhibiting magnificent traditional costumes, carpets, paintings, decorations, tasty fruit and vegetables. The visitors can taste traditional dishes and drinks typical of the region, such as different types of cheese pies, ritual breads, rice and crabs, cabbage and vine with stuffing of rice and meat, acacia honey, rakia – a traditional alcohol drink made of walnuts, jams and drinks made of figs, cornel juice and many other items, specially prepared for the celebration. Herbs and tasty Bulgarian culinary temptations with chestnuts such as chestnut pie, chicken with chestnuts, roasted chestnuts, chestnut honey and others are also on offer.