Kalata, Kalimaci

GPS: 41.984998, 22.590329

Kalata is the only island in the accumulation Kalimanci. At only 4 km from the Makedonska Kamenica, lie the remains of the Late Antique city is submerged in water. Kalata is abbreviation from The city of tin. From this place, in the past, people drew gold and tin. The highest point of the former Tin city is 200 meters from the bottom of Kalimanska River. The road Via Egnatia passed here.

Kalata is the smallest town in Macedonia alive. In Kalata there are just two people living. The oldest inhabitants of this region, with their own State and administration were the Peonies. In Kalata there are several archaeological sites, witch are dating from ancient time. The site Kalata is protected on three sides by steep slopes and deeply incised two banks of two rivers.