Berovo Stories

FYR Macedonia, East region
GPS: 41°42′36″N 22°51′0″E

Berovo is small city in the East part of Republic of Macedonia, with population of 7.002 according to the 2002 census. Located in the Malesevo basin on far north branches of the Malesevo mountains on both sides of Bregalnica River. Berobo covers area of 224 ha and has moderate continental climate.

As settlement Berovo started to form in XVII century when the population from the villages in Males, started to gather in the caravan station, which was named Berovo (In Macedonian language Beri means “to gather” so the name Berovo can be translated as “Gathering point”).

The city of Berovo is administrative center of Municipality of Berovo which covers area of 59.807 ha, has 9 populated places with total population of 13.941.

Among the major industrial objects in the city can be mentioned the Factory for cotton fabric “Malesevka”, the wood company “Ograzden”, the coal mine “Ratevski Sirini” and other.

Berovo is center of developed pomiculture, especially in the plum tree area.

Famous tourist attractions in Berovo are: Ablanica, Lakite, Breza, Klepalska Reka (River), Ratevsko Ezero (Lake) and other.

On the coast of Ratevsko Ezero the recreational health center “Malesevo” exist, which has objects with 150 beds.

In Berovo hotel manastir (monastery) St. Archangel Mihail exist, with church built in 1818. In the monastery hospice currently live nuns. With the monastery closely related are the famous events from the Macedonian history – Razlovecko and Ilinden upraise.

The monastery is placed under protection of the country and within a museum is located in which the history of the Malesevo region is presented.