"Stone Dolls", Kuklica

FYR Macedonia, North-East region
GPS: 42.105361, 22.055123

Near the town Kratovo, the village Kuklici exist, named after the large stone blocks, located in its proximity. Local population calls these blocks Dolls (Kukli - Macedonian for Dolls) ...


Holy oak, village of Kokino, Staro Nagoricane

FYR Macedonia, North-East region

Located near Kokino, among the locals there is a belief that this is a sacred place and they used for gatherings and meetings, because it is believed that it abounds with positive energy.


Coce Stone, Kratovo

FYR Macedonia, North-East region
GPS: N. 42°.05’.024’’ E. 021°.59’ 227’’

The locality of Coce Stone (Cocev Kamen) is 25 km on the west from Kratovo, nearby the village Shopsko Rudari. It is believed that this was neolith settlement where inhabitants were hunters and farmers. The rock itself represents spiritual shrine, which can be seen today by numerous remains as well as the objects found nearby.


Berovo Stories

FYR Macedonia, East region
GPS: 41°42′36″N 22°51′0″E

Berovo is small city in the East part of Republic of Macedonia, with population of 7.002 according to the 2002 census. Located in the Malesevo basin on far north branches of the Malesevo mountains on both sides of Bregalnica River. Berobo covers area of 224 ha and has moderate continental climate.


Legends of Lake Dojran

FYR Macedonia, South-East region
GPS: 41.181755, 22.723648

The town had a beautiful girl named Dojrana. She was in love with the shepherd boy Labin. One day, on the town square, all the young ladies and bachelors were gathered. There were Dojrana and Labin.


Kalata, Kalimaci

GPS: 41.984998, 22.590329

Kalata is the only island in the accumulation Kalimanci. At only 4 km from the Makedonska Kamenica, lie the remains of the Late Antique city is submerged in water. Kalata is abbreviation from The city of tin. From this place, in the past, people drew gold and tin. The highest point of the former Tin city is 200 meters from the bottom of Kalimanska River. The road Via Egnatia passed here.