Legend of the Seven Rila Lakes

According to the legend of the Seven Rila Lakes thousands of years ago, when the planet Earth was still uninhabited by the modern people, a couple of giants lived in the Rila Mountain. They loved each other dearly and cherished the beauty and comfort of their home. It was so attractive, sunny, warm and cozy that every living creature would be captivated by it, and the love the giants had was celebrated by all elements of nature and by the whole world.

Unfortunately, however, one day, the evil forces passed by the giants’ home. The moment they saw that beautiful spot, they got angry because they envied the marital happiness of the giants and decided to destroy that heavenly home and to wipe their love off forever. They sent dark clouds and devastating winds. Dreadful earthquakes shook the ground. The giant husband fiercely defended every blade of grass, every little creek and flower. He protected his beloved wife and beat back the evil forces. This however only boosted their spite and cruelty and they were determined to bring to an end their fiendish undertaking. In the tough battle that followed the young giant was killed. Satisfied with their achievement, the evil elements went away leaving behind broken rocks, devastated valleys and a grief-stricken woman.
The anguish of the young widow was so huge that her tears gushed out in a never-ending flow that streamed down the ridge right into the valleys. They were collected there to form clear lakes of striking purity.
Before reaching the Babreka (Kidney) Lake mountain guides show to travelers a huge rock situated in the direction of the Salzata (Tear) Lake, which “features” a man and a woman in huge dimensions. According to the legend, these are the figures of the two giants in love with each other, who will remain there to “protect” their beautiful home forever.