Legend of the Crow’s Cliff

There was a girl of unearthly beauty and power in Kashina. Her name was Kanta. She was proud and inaccessible to the bachelors of Kashina, and she kept waiting for a person from a remote and rich land. Two dragons noticed the beauty of Kanta from their thrones in the inaccessible mountains: the Pirin Dragon from Demikarpia and the Belasitsa Dragon from Lopovo.

As the two of them were frantically in love with Kanta, they grappled together in a fierce battle in an attempt to gain her love. As they reached Kashina, they were shrouded in dark clouds. Holding each other in a deadly grip, their bodies tightly intertwined, they struck the land of Kasina with lightnings, thunders and torrential rains. The thunders startled the villagers and their livestock. The lightnings uprooted and burned centuries-old trees.  Torrential rains dragged away everything they encountered on their way. The village languished, people were scared, both old and young people shuddered with horror at each new signal of yet another dragon fight over Kashina.
In a bright starry night, dressed up in wedding garments, Kanta stood on top of Crow Cliff and the next moment she flew down the deep abyss. Some shepherds heard her cry: “Farewell dear villagers. It is for you that I sacrifice my life, young and inexperienced, still unmarried!"