Legend of Krali Marko’s step

Krali Marko was a skillful and brave man who had powers that were unique and unheard of. He was known as the strongest man on Bulgarian territory. People admired him. He frequently overpowered wild beasts, fought bravely with rapists and thieves. He stood for justice.

Once, mounted on his snow-white stud, he jumped from the Konyavska Mountain so far that he reached the Koriata locality in the village of Katrishte. He landed on a rock, but as the horse hit it hard, one of its hoofs sunk in the stone and left a clear imprint there. This rock can be seen at the same place even today. Later on shepherds used to tell a story. They said that once, as they were close to that place with their grazing sheep, a stranger came, stood by the rock and then measured several strides from it. He dug a deep hole and pulled out a pot full of gold coins. Then he walked away and nobody saw or heard of him again.
There is a huge rock on a hill close to the village of Drumohar. There is a step on it that is some 60 centimeters long. Another similar rock is located in the Konyavska Mountain. The legend has it that these are Krali Marko’s steps. People believed that the distance between the two rocks was the length of his stride.