Legend of Mitra’s Fountain

The legend is about a beautiful girl by the name of Mitra, who was washing cloth in the spring near the village of Tavalichevo. She was spotted by the son of the then famous and rich Turk named Karagaliata, who had a homestead in Gorna Koznitsa and ruled the lands in the vicinty.

 Captivated by her beauty, he tried to catch her and take her to his harem, but she hid in the bush above the spring and disappeared.
For days and months after that he toured the place in search of her, but he could not find her. On St. George’s Day he caught sight if her at the reel dance. He once again tried to kidnap her, but she spit him in his face and said that she would never be converted from Christianity to Islam. This enraged him. He pulled out a knife and stuck it into the girl’s body. The belle died, but to this very day the local people cherish the memory of the brave and beautiful Bulgarian girl, who never gave up her faith. The local community built a fountain at the spring and named it after her: Mitra’s Fountain.