Legends of Kyustendil mineral water

The most valuable natural resource of Kyustendil is the warm mineral water. An old legend has it that one night the warm mineral water in the foothills of the Hisarlaka mount gushed out from hundreds of geysers – they were so numerous that they threatened to flood the town and drown its residents.

But then a good fairy pretending to be a merciful princess of unearthly beauty appeared and tore off her expensive silk dress. She quickly plugged the dangerous spouts and rescued the city from terrible death. Later on the local community built a bath on the site where the fountains had erupted. The idea was to tap and control the water. This bath is still in existence in the city of Kyustendil and it utilizes this mineral wealth.
The Roman Emperor Marcus Ulpius Traianus contracted a severe skin disease that made him suffer for many years. His whole face was covered with wounds. No one could cure him. Wounds were gradually covering his whole body. His health deteriorated every day. His strength gradually waned. Then a healer told him about the curative properties of the mineral springs. The Emperor decided to try this new means as well. His servants brought him there on a stretcher and left him close to the spouts of a small mineral spring. The invigorating water helped the Emperor regain his strength. He rose and washed his face. Suddenly his wounds disappeared. Then Marcus Ulpius Traianus raised his hand and said to his escort: “From now on this city with curative springs will be named Pautalia (City of Springs).