Contemporary youth culture

Pautalia Folk Dance Ensemble, Kyustendil

The ensemble was established in 1985 by Valentin Kenov who is its artistic director. 40 young girls and boys, intoxicated by the magic of Bulgarian songs, music and dances, captivated by the beauty and flamboyance of the folk costumes, laid the foundations of Pautalia Folk Dance Ensemble.

The ensemble has participated in regional and national festivals and has won prestigious awards and honours.

Highlights of past years include tours of all the big cities in Bulgaria, which bring joy and warm the hearts of its audiences. “Art Will Save the World” is the message that Pautalia Folk Dance Ensemble wishes to spread.

2500 Kyustendil
4 Daskal Damaskin St
Tel: 078/55 00 39
Tel/Fax: 078/ 55 06 40