Assembly of Associations for Technical Culture

The Assembly of Associations for Technological Culture of Macedonia-National Technique is competent, voluntary, absolutely unprofitable association of civilians, which deals with development and improvement of technological culture as significant element of total development of the country.

The aim of the organization is to administer in quality and potential improvement of the individuals as basic resource, especially from technical-technological aspect, which is the priority not only for the developed countries, but also for the developing ones. The role of the organization is technical-technological development of young people through spreading the knowledge for new technologies and their global context, and also by stimulation the development of creative potentials in function of pedagogic-educational and productive-technical activities.

The tasks of the organization are determined as:

   learning technical, technological and informational knowledge and skills;
   discovering and stimulating young talents for activities in the field of natural
      and technical sciences;
   stimulation of creativity and competitiveness among young people;
   support of innovative creations;
   popularization of scientific and technological achievements;
   environment protection;
   creating quality conditions for development of this kind of activities in the country.

The associations members of the Assembly are:

   Association of the Clubs for Young Technologists and Scientists
   Association of the Young Researchers - Science for Youth
   Cinema Association of Macedonia
   Photo Association of Macedonia
   Association of Inventors and Authors of Technological Innovations
   Association of Radio-amateurs of Macedonia
   Association for Technological Culture in economy of Macedonia

Main activities:

   National competition for young researchers in the Republic of Macedonia;
   Annual regional and national competitions for young technologists and scientists;
   Annual Cinema Festival
   Annual National Photo Competition
   Youth projects in the areas of environmental protection,
      technical culture, agriculture and e-learning.